Chiedo Labs is a web development firm in Harrisonburg, Virginia that also serves the Charlottesville as well as the rest of the nation. Chiedo Labs was started in 2012 by Chiedo John while he was finishing his last year at James Madison University. Chiedo John was creating his first web pages and building his own computers while in elementary school. Since middle school, he worked as a freelance web developer while starting and running other businesses. Chiedo was able to further develop his skills while obtaining his computes science undergraduate degree but also during internships and jobs he held with other companies.

While working as a freelancer, Chiedo also worked as the Lead Web Developer for James Madison University Technology and Design. In 2011, Chiedo also worked as a back-end web developer for America Online as an intern and as a front-end developer for Market Aces.

Since starting in 2012, Chiedo Labs has grown into a team of seven and specializes in WordPress support, Linux Server administration, Database design, Ruby on Rails Development and anything you can think of that has to do with web code or web architecture.

Initially, when starting the company, Chiedo Labs intended on being a one-person shop for Web Design, marketing, and the whole web package. During the first few months of business, Chiedo realized that the demand was for a coder who could work with design firms. After the first few months, the business started to really pick up and it become apparent that Chiedo Labs needed to be more than a man show.

Chiedo contacted some of his good friends, Ricardo Fearing and Andrew Aldaya.  Chiedo attended JMU with Andrew and was another computer science colleague which assured him that they would be able to work together without any hiccups.  Ricardo was a good friend of his also that he knew from church who had been working an assortment of jobs while doing freelance web development on the side. Once Andrew and Ricardo joined the team, Chiedo was finally able to work on growing the business as opposed to just working on what came in the door.

Chiedo Labs has been able to be successful by specializing in doing code really well. Many other companies offer branding, graphic design and coding but Chiedo Labs decided that focusing on the code alone would allow them to be the best at the services they offer.

The Chiedo Labs team takes pride in being web developers that conduct business professionally. One of the biggest surprises that Chiedo Labs became aware of after starting was how powerful word of mouth could be. Word of mouth is definitely the greatest source of business for the company and it shows that high quality work with professionalism can go a long way. Chiedo Labs has big goals but intends to stay based in the Shenandoah Valley and keep the home shop in Harrisonburg.

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