Having Trouble?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

We’ve been operating this website and offering FREE* Pre-Certification and Continuing Education for years now, and realize that sometimes things don’t work exactly like they’re supposed to. Please review each of the following to resolve your issue BEFORE you email or submit issues via the contact form. You will likely figure it out on your own and much sooner than we will be able to provide tech support.


  1. Webpage problems or unable to see/view course content. You will need to have access to and in order to access course content. You will need to access from a computer or network that has access to these websites. You can use this link to see if you already have access.
  2. Can’t Take Quiz/Exam or get the message: “You can’t take this exam again because of the latest grade you achieved on it.”
    • It is likely because you took this course in the past and YOU CANNOT ACCESS AGAIN using the SAME USERNAME. You will need to create a new account, with a different email, in order to access. 
    • Are you using the correct account?
      • Check to make sure you are using the same account that is unique by email. Often people have multiple accounts, get started on one and then get lost or have trouble with another
    • Have you accessed the sections/modules/quizzes directly?
      • The courses are set up so that you have to finish Quiz 1 BEFORE you start Quiz 2, etc. If you try to take Quiz 1 again, the system will not allow you to do so.
      • Below are the Direct Links to ALL the sections of the current PRE-CERT Course. Please access the sections directly and you will likely find where you left off to complete.
  3. Getting this message when taking Final Exam:  “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”
    • This is likely due to your internet browser or computer/terminal restrictions.
      • This site uses a “script” to accept information and send you on to the next steps. If your browser or computer are blocking that script, it just won’t work.
      • Clear your cache/history, close all your browser windows and restart your machine. Sometimes browsers look at this website will store information from when you’ve previously visited the website and the validation will not work. Clearing your cache/history will often resolve this.
      • If that doesn’t work, try accessing from another computer (preferably at another location.)
  4. Don’t Have Your Certificate Yet. 
    • Sometimes it takes a few business days. Here are a few thoughts:
      • In order to keep this FREE* for Indiana Navigators, it takes some time to process and we’re very clear about that both before and after you complete the course.
      • You have 60 Days prior to the expiration of your Navigator Certificate to renew your license.  Waiting until the last day/week to take the course will not expedite our ability to process any sooner. Be prepared. Plan Ahead.
      • If it has been 3-4 business days and you STILL have not received your certificate, it’s totally cool to CONTACT US and ask what’s going on.