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Thousands of working Hoosiers struggle to afford basic health care. And many who have access to their employer’s health plan choose not to participate due to the cost. But with HIP Link, health care coverage could be in reach for those Hoosiers who sit on the sidelines of their employer’s health care plan.

HIP 2.0 now includes HIP Link, a new premium-assistance program that helps eligible, working Hoosiers afford their employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Employees who qualify for HIP Link must have a household income at or below approximately 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($16,436 per year for an individual and $33,865 for a family of four) and meet HIP eligibility requirements.

HIP Link works like this: Employers register their health plans to participate, then their employees who are eligible and want to participate in HIP Link sign up with the state. Once an employee is enrolled in the employer-sponsored health plan, the employer will deduct the cost of premiums charged from the employee’s pay, per normal procedures. In turn, the State will reimburse the employee directly for the amount of the deduction, minus a small contribution made by the employee.

Most types of employer plans are eligible for HIP Link, so long as the plan meets the minimum benefits requirements of the Affordable Care Act and is verified as an affordable option for employees.

For more information about HIP Link for employees and employers, click the links below, and find out how you can participate in Indiana’s newest program to help hardworking Hoosiers.

For the State of Indiana HIP LINK website: CLICK HERE.