More About The CE Exam

The Self-Study FREE* Indiana Navigator Continuing Education requires a CLOSED BOOK, PROCTORED EXAM. The Indiana Department of Insurance requires the following for Self-Study courses:

  • Self-Study course means study material in a textbook, computer based software, or internet format designed for individual study by a student, which requires a closed book, proctored examination
  • The number of questions required by credit hour: 25 questions are required for 8 hours of credit or less.
  • A student must correctly answer 70% of the examination question in order to pass the self-study course and receive any CE credit.
  • When taking a self-study examination, the student must sign an affidavit, supplied by the provider that states that the navigator did not use outside help, such as an open textbook or another individual, in taking the examination.
  • A second certified navigator must sign the affidavit verifying that the second navigator witnessed the first navigator’s examination and no outside help was used.  A navigator who takes the examination in a testing center that administers tests for professional designations may have a representative of the testing center sign the affidavit rather than a certified navigator.
  • The signed affidavit must be returned to the provider.  The provider shall retain the original affidavit for four (4) years.

The affidavit for this course will be completed electronically AT THE START OF THE FINAL EXAM.  It must be completed by both you and a second navigator in order for the exam score to be accepted. If you complete the exam without the affidavit correctly signed by both you and the second navigator, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE COURSE.

Both you and the second certified navigator will need your name, Indiana Navigator State Certification Number, and electronic signature for the affidavit.

Where do I find my Indiana Navigator Certificate Number? Click HERE to look up your certificate number.

If you have any additional questions or problems completing the registration, please contact us.

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